Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in registering with LaunchPanel. By registering for this market research panel, you indicate that you accept all terms and conditions as set out below and agree to abide by them.

Effective date: 25 May 2018
Last amended: 18 May 2018

1.0 Definitions

Launchpad Research (“we”, “us”, “our”, “LaunchPanel”):

LaunchPanel is a service offered by Launchpad Research, a full-service market research agency Registered in England & Wales No:04403337.

For more information visit www.launchpadresearch.com

Address: Launchpad Research
Unit 5 Apex Business Village, Northumberland Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE23 7BF

Cint AB (“Cint”, “Cint AB Network”):
Cint is a global technology company, focused on providing SaaS-based solutions (software as a service) for buyers and sellers of online sample in the market research industry.

For the purposes of LaunchPanel, Cint provides a panel management software solution that processes respondent profile information, research invitations and administers rewards.

LaunchPanel is also part of the Cint panel network which provides an anonymised medium through which research sponsors can reach available participants across all Cint networked panels.

Click here to read more about Cint or contact Cint directly here

To view Cint’s Privacy Policy please click here


A 3rd party researcher who can send research invitations through the Cint AB network

1. Eligibility

You must be over 16 years of age and a UK resident to register with LaunchPanel.

These requirements are taken very seriously. Any member found to be in breach of these requirements will not be eligible to receive any research invitations until their circumstances change, e.g. reaching the minimum age requirements.

Each member may only have one LaunchPanel account. Should duplicate accounts be detected, LaunchPanel reserve the right to immediately close known duplicate accounts and no recompense will be given for any earned rewards.

2. About LaunchPanel

LaunchPanel is a service offered by Launchpad Research Limited. Our Head Office is located at: Unit 5 Apex Business Village, Northumberland Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE23 7BF.

For more information please go to www.launchpadresearch.com

Launchpad Research is a full-service market research agency specialising in consumer & shopper research. We conduct research using a variety of methods such as online surveys, online focus groups as well as face to face interviews and in-home product testing.

Our research regularly concerns new products, concepts or ideas – so it is vital that any material you are shown during research remains confidential. As such, your participation in research projects where new products, concepts or ideas will be shared with you are dependent on your signing / accepting a confidentiality agreement that further states yours and your household’s agreement to not divulge, print, copy, download any part of the research. This agreement is legally binding.

3. LaunchPanel & Cint Partnership

Our partnership with Cint ensures that our panelists are offered a greater volume and variety of research than they would otherwise be exposed to, meaning that reward thresholds can be reached more quickly.

3.1 Who are Cint?

LaunchPanel is hosted on the Cint panel network. Cint is a global technology company that provides SaaS-based solutions (software as a service) i.e. a panel management platform, for buyers and sellers of online sample in the market research industry.

Cint manages the relationship between survey owners (customers who need panelists to complete their surveys), and LaunchPanel. Cint also supplies the panel management platform through which we collect profile information, offer online research opportunities, track participation and reward our panelists
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Cint has offices in major cities across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Cint supports and strictly adheres to the standards and guidelines set out by ESOMAR: www.esomar.org and Insights Association: www.insightsassociation.org. You can learn more about Cint here

4. Your Information

The security of your information is of utmost importance to us. As such, Launchpad Research Limited and its associated divisions comply with the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), 2018. All research is undertaken in accordance with the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct as well as ESOMAR guidelines.

Basic personal and demographic information will be requested from you when you register for this panel. We ask for this information to help ensure you receive survey invitations that are relevant to you. We may also use this information to build richer insights during analysis of our results. Your LaunchPanel account allows you to view the personal details we hold about you and can also be updated when logged in.

We may also ask additional demographic or shopper habit questions at the beginning or end of a survey. These specific demographic or shopper habit questions are not compensated and do not constitute part of the paid survey. This information helps us to further improve the relevance of invitations sent to you in order to maximise your chances of qualifying for each research project. You may be asked these questions more than once, as your answers may change from time and time and will help the commissioning party collecting the information to analyse it meaningfully.

4.1 Research hosted by Launchpad Research

Apart from online surveys, we occasionally conduct research outside the Cint platform which carry cash, shopping voucher or competition entries for participation – in these cases rewards are delivered outside the Cint system and do not count towards your rewards threshold. This type of research typically carries higher rewards and requires greater engagement from participants e.g. in face to face research, group discussions, online discussions, in-home product testing etc. In these cases, we may contact you during the research period, depending on the research type and / or ask for additional personal details such as bank account number and sort code to send your reward. At no point will we ask for information from you that is not necessary for the purposes of completing the research or administering your reward.

4.2 Research hosted by 3rd parties (Sponsors)

In all surveys hosted by 3rd parties, your survey responses are not directly traceable to the personal information you submitted to LaunchPanel on registration. At no point will LaunchPanel share any personally identifiable information in your profile be passed to any 3rd party sponsor without your explicit knowledge and agreement.

Please note: Be aware when completing research hosted by 3rd party sponsors that any information you share during the research (i.e. a survey) will be sent directly to the 3rd party researcher and / or the commissioning party. For instance, you may be asked for your gender, age, contact details etc. within a survey. You have the right to refuse to participate in any research you are invited to should you wish to do so.

4.3 Shared System Information

When you complete a survey, system information such as your IP address (internet protocol address) may be shared. An IP address can tell us your router location but does not divulge your precise location, i.e. town / county rather than your street address. For instance, you may send an email from your home, and someone may be able to know the city from which it was sent, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to access any other granular information about you.

4.4 Prize Draw Announcements

LaunchPanel reserves the right to announce or reveal the first name, the initial of the surname and county of the winners of any prize draws or incentivised survey participation. As part of a competition win, winners may be asked to take part in marketing on social media or on our websites; launchpadresearch.com, launchpanel.co.uk. Please refer to the competition terms and conditions before entering for more details.

For further information on how your information is managed please visit our

Privacy Policy

4.5 Cookies

Once you have joined LaunchPanel and validated your account, you’re ready to receive research invitations. Once you click on the research link within an invitation, a ‘cookie’ will be sent to your computer. A cookie is a small data file that identifies you as a unique user. Unless we ask for your consent to use them for any other purpose, we use cookies only to make sure you get your incentive payments for research, quality control, and to prevent you being asked to complete the research again.

You can change your browser to tell you when cookies are being placed on your computer as well as delete cookies by changing your browser settings. LaunchPanel will not disclose its cookies to third parties, unless we are required to by law.

Please note: For online research, should cookies be deleted, this may affect our ability to track your research completion and rewards. Should you wish to delete the LaunchPanel cookie, please ensure that your research completion has tracked prior to deleting.

5. Completing Research

When you register and are accepted as a member of LaunchPanel, we will begin to send you research invitations for research topics we think may be relevant to you.

By registering with LaunchPanel you agree to be contacted regarding both online (e.g. surveys, communities, focus groups) and offline (e.g. face-to-face interviews, mystery shopping, product testing) research.

Your LaunchPanel online account enables you to set your ideal survey frequency. Members can feel free to accept as many or as few research invitations as they would like.

Should you withdraw from any research without full completion, you will not receive any part of the incentive for that research. This includes where the reward is a prize draw entry; should you not complete the full research required of you, you will not be entered into the prize draw.

Whilst LaunchPanel will endeavour to maximise the number of invitations you receive (up to the quota you have indicated), for a number of reasons it may be that you do not receive as many research invitations as you would like. Please note that LaunchPanel are under no obligation to offer a minimum number of invitations however; we would advise that you complete as much of your profile information as possible in order for us to match you up with suitable opportunities.

6. Accuracy of Information

LaunchPanel relies on the integrity and honesty of our panel members to provide accurate personal information about themselves as well as in their response to research questions. As such, we reserve the right to close the account(s), without notice, of any member who we believe has created duplicate accounts, attempted to complete research more than once using multiple accounts/names, knowingly provided false information or who has provided information carelessly or incompletely.

Please note: Any member found to be in breach of these terms will have their account terminated, forfeit any existing unclaimed rewards and will be prevented from re-registering with LaunchPanel.

7. Rewards

7.1 How much will I be rewarded?

This will depend on the length of the survey and the type of research you may be asked to participate in. The cash reward for participating in each research project will be stated before you participate. Online community opportunities and other forms of research may have a higher incentive. For some surveys the reward may be a prize draw, winners will be contacted within 28 days of the prize draw closing date. We currently offer rewards redemption either by Amazon.co.uk gift codes (minimum £10 cleared reward balance required) or PayPal (minimum £4 cleared reward balance required).

7.2 Expiration or forfeiture of rewards

Your LaunchPanel rewards will not expire. However, any and all rewards shall be forfeited should you terminate your membership or have your account terminated by LaunchPanel before claiming your rewards. Please note that should you terminate your membership and subsequently rejoin, rewards previously accumulated will not be reinstated. Please see section 8 below for the circumstances under which LaunchPanel reserve the right to terminate your membership.

7.3 Prize draw rules

  • You must be a UK resident to enter our prize draw
  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • One prize draw entry per panelist, per prize draw
  • Only one completion per panel member, IP addresses will be monitored
  • LaunchPanel reserves the right to exclude from each individual prize draw those who do not fully complete the research as directed or those who terminate their membership prior to the prize draw taking place
  • The prize draw closing date will be detailed on the survey. Winners must reply in writing (email preferred) to this email within 7 days to accept the prize or otherwise forfeit the prize. A new winner will then be chosen under the same terms
  • The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • The prize winner will be randomly drawn from all valid entries and contacted by LaunchPanel. Only the winner will be contacted personally
  • Use of a false name or address e.g. a name by which the entrant is not usually known, will disqualify them from receiving any prize
  • The prize will be as detailed only, no alternatives are available on request from the winner. However, LaunchPanel reserve the right to offer a prize of equal or higher value should the original prize not be available
  • LaunchPanel and Launchpad Research Limited will not be liable for any damage, loss, or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in prize draws
  • LaunchPanel reserves the right to oblige any potential winner to provide documentary proof of their identity and address as directed by LaunchPanel before such persons may claim their prize
  • Please note that any tax, fees, other costs associated with the receipt or payout of your rewards is the sole responsibility of the recipient. Acceptance of these terms indicate that you indemnify LaunchPanel and Launchpad Research Limited fully against any such liability

8. Termination

Should you wish to terminate your membership with LaunchPanel, please login to your LaunchPanel account and close your account. All the information we hold about you will be deleted. Should you have any difficulties please contact us on support@launchpanel.co.uk

Whilst members are free to complete as few or as many research projects as they wish, if you do not complete any research over a period of 12 months, LaunchPanel reserves the right to cancel your membership and erase your data as you will be considered inactive. At this point any and all unclaimed rewards will be declared null and void.

Termination of your account may also result from the following:

  • Posting of product descriptions or names on chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs or any other area open to parties not involved in the research in question
  • Copying of product ideas
  • Selling test product(s)
  • Discussing the research or any material (visual/written concepts, pictures, products, advertising) with parties not involved in the research in question, unless the research requires you to do so
  • Allowing non-household members to try the product or view a survey in progress
  • Attempts to register or use multiple accounts for the same person or household

9. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify LaunchPanel and Launchpad Research Limited in respect of any and all claims, costs, losses expenses and liabilities that LaunchPanel and Launchpad Research Limited may incur arising out of:

  • Any information posted by you
  • Any software you use in connection with posting such information
  • Any unauthorised disclosure of confidential information by you

10. The Website

LaunchPanel, a service offered by Launchpad Research Limited, take every precaution to ensure that our websites run smoothly. However, we do not guarantee that this website will remain uninterrupted or error/virus free.

11. Notification of Changes

LaunchPanel a service offered by Launchpad Research Limited reserves the right to modify this document (Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use) at any time. Members will be notified of any changes made by email.

12. Contact

Should you have any questions or concerns about LaunchPanel, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form on www.launchpanel.co.uk or email us at support@launchpanel.co.uk

If this relates to your membership specifically please remember to include your Full Name and County in order for us to deal with your enquiry directly.