LaunchPanel 9 October 2018

Here at LaunchPanel we really do appreciate the time that you spend testing and reviewing products. You love taking part in research and we believe it’s important that you see how your opinions help to shape the future of the brands you know and love.

Were you lucky enough to be one of the 111 LaunchPanellists to take part in our hairbrush product test last year? Are you just curious about what you missed out on? Read on!


Our testers’ feedback has been used by Tangle Teezer to promote The Wet Detangler across print, media and web. The results have been seen on TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and even top fashion and beauty magazines like Cosmpolitan!

With the help of our LaunchPanellists, Tangle Teezer’s The Wet Detangler is a high- street winner!


Our Testers’ Top Secret Mission

We delivered our testers a top-secret parcel, a brand new, not yet on the market, The Wet Detangler by Tangle Teezer.

What’s the catch you might ask? No catch, we promise.  We asked our panellists to simply swap their everyday hairbrush for The Wet Detangler for a period of 2 weeks. Their thoughts were then collected via 2 questionnaires, each just 5 minutes long, one after their first trial and another at the end of the testing period. 

As an optional extra, some of our brave panellists groomed their luscious locks on camera, earning extra rewards by documenting and sharing their opinions.

The best part? Our lucky testers got to keep & continue to enjoy the product with no further obligation.

The Highlights (no pun intended…)


Have Your Say

We’re always excited when we can see how our research is helping brands to listen to your voices and we hope you are too.

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