Students’ Reading Week: Yay or Nay?

Emma Hogan 1 November 2018

Is Reading Week a thing of the past?

Many students are right now indulging (or studying hard, depending on your point of view!) in that mid-term phenomenon known as Reading Week.   Debates have raged for and against the benefits of this week long break from academic teaching. Do students lose focus, procrastinate and catch up on Jeremy Kyle?  Or are they brushing off their textbooks, Kindles, tablets and ticking off that reading list they promised themselves they would stick to?

Yay or Nay?

Student forums are chock-full of polarising debate.  Rest and relaxation are paramount for some students whilst others, and their parents(!), express fury at £9,000 fees and no tuition time to show for it.

The debate got us thinking – what are students actually doing during their Reading Week? We polled and you answered- the results clearly convey that not everyone is hitting the books…

Reading Week Trends 

Social Butterflies or Study Buddies?

With only 1 in 5 students who completed our poll indicating that they would spend their Reading Week reading, it’s clear that students are not using this time for its headline purpose.

But, what are students doing instead? Our poll shows that students are engaging in other worthwhile activities which are not necessarily academic.

18% of those polled will use their time to socialise and form relationships with peers, something which has been proven to be fundamentally important for both personal well being and improving soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

Other students are using the time to enhance their skill set and gain workplace experience.  With 47% of graduates currently in non-graduate level roles, the graduate market is an increasingly competitive arena making this a wise and practical use of time

Our thoughts

Although not every student may be using this week to bury their heads in articles, journals and textbooks, Reading Week still appears to have a place in the academic calendar.

The skills needed for graduate success have evolved in recent years and over a third of graduate recruiters have commented that they wouldn’t employee graduates who haven’t acquired work experience. Taking a break from academic study during a semester allows students the chance to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses and make improvements.

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