Secret Santa

Emma Hogan 6 December 2018

For many of us as we zoom towards Christmas, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email notifications ping to tell us that names have been drawn and it’s time to become Secret Santa.

It’s a moment filled with relief when we know exactly what to buy, or anxiety – totally clueless as we wrack our brains to think of the perfect (or at the very least acceptable) gift.  And yes, buying a gift voucher crosses all of our minds at some point…!

Secret Santa gifts needed? Step right up!

We’re estimated to spend a huge £320 million pounds on Secret Santa gifts with the average spend expected to be £10 or more.

Retailers are stepping into the fray to offer us novelties, foodie gifts, and of course socks, all wrapped up in eye-catching bundles ready for gifting.  We did our research *ahem* (we went shopping) to see what’s hot on the gift market this year for those on a Secret Santa budget.

Novelty gifts – Christmas brings out the pixie in all of us and novelty gifts are a huge hit with young and old alike.  Our favourites include:

Beauty gifts  –  Beauty gift sets are a Christmas must have.  From our everyday beauty brands to high end luxuries they always make their way under the tree.  Some of our favourites include:

Food gifts – Hot chocolate mugs filled with marshmallows and cocoa powder are a favourite of ours, as well as hampers galore and that Christmas box of biscuits we all love. Our favourites include:

Alcohol gifts –  Whatever their poison there’s a gift out there for those that like a tipple.

Clothing – Warm weather gifts are always welcome, think thick jumpers, socks, mittens in front of a roaring fire.  Our favourites?


To wish list or not to wish list?

Spending hours thinking of the perfect gift may be a thing of the past. Many gift receivers are now creating wish lists – probably a good idea considering £80 million of gifts went unused and unloved last year. However, do wish lists ruin the excitement of gift buying or does it just help to ensure you’ll buy something they’ll enjoy? We polled 108 LaunchPanellists to see what you think:

It seems like most of us want to keep with the traditions of Christmas gift giving – 60% believe that present should be chosen by the gift buyer.  With 40% of us wanting the guidance of a wish list, we think there’s still a place for them in Secret Santa.

What do you think about Secret Santa? Don’t forget, if Secret Santa is eating into your festive budget, join LaunchPanel today to start earning cash rewards!