Returning to University

Emma Hogan 23 January 2019

Returning to university for the new semester can feel a little daunting; moving away from home again, leaving your family, and settling back into your uni social circle.  We talked to recent graduates to see what their advice would be to get you back into the swing of things!

Make a plan 

Trying to fit in deadlines, social life, job, hairdressers and shopping for that fancy dress night out might have you tearing your hair out.  Our graduates suggest that making a plan is the way forward.

Start each new week by planning out how you’re going to achieve everything you need to do, don’t forget to factor in your down time!

Top Tip: Use the calendar app on your phone (or go old school and use a diary) – it’s a lifesaver, don’t forget to set timely reminders to keep yourself on track.

Start the accommodation hunt for next year

If you’re not yet in your final year, it’s a good idea to start the accommodation hunt early.  A survey by Which? suggests that up to 65% of students actually begin their house hunt in the September to December period of their University year, already taking the best properties off the market.

Top Tips:

  • Don’t forget, the larger the group, the less choice you have
  • Have an agreed budget in mind that you can afford before viewing properties, don’t be swayed after seeing a luxury house that’s out of your price range
  • Discuss any must-haves to whittle down your viewing list
  • Use accredited letting agents and landlords to avoid problems in the future


Find a part-time job

If you haven’t already got a job, the new term is a good opportunity to search.

Part time work can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash and improve your CV.  Universities recommend that you should work an average of 8 hours per week so that your study time is not impacted.

Top Tips:

  • If you’re only interested in working term-time, picking up a job within your University could be a good option for you meaning that when the university closes for the holidays you’re able to go home. Keep an eye out for part time jobs in sports complexes, student unions bars and events representative work.
  • Have a job at home in a company that has a branch / office where you go to University?  Ask your manager about arranging a term-time transfer, this is often possible for those working in retail / the food or leisure sectors.


Learn a new skill

Our weekly poll showed that we spend less than an hour per week learning a new skill. The benefits of learning a new skill are numerous; from improving our problem solving skills, increasing our concentration to enhancing our CV’s and improving our communications skills.

A stress-free way to learn a new still is by joining societies at university.  Societies can not only help you to learn a new skill but also introduce you to new friends.

Top Tip: Keep an eye out for your next University Student Fayre (sometimes called a Refreshers Fayre!) to see what your university has to offer.

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