Business Owners Product Test


Newcastle & surrounding areas (NE / DH postcodes)




1 month



Looking for:

  • Small/medium businesses owners who make the decision on the cleaning products purchased and used for their business.
  • You must be shopping for your business’ cleaning products at Booker/Makro e.g. bathroom / floor / surface cleaners.
  • It is essential that bathroom cleaner and floor cleaner is used on the premises at least once a day.
  • Flash bathroom/ Flash floor cleaner users are preferred but not essential.

Research Details:

This research will potentially take place in the month of February – to be confirmed and would involve:

1 x ~30min interview at the start of the month

  • This will involve our researchers coming to speak to you on your business premises, they may ask you about your current cleaning habits and look at the areas you clean.
  • £50 incentive (paid at the end of the overall research)

1 month products testing

  • Trialing bathroom & floor cleaning products provided by us over the course of 1 month (Note, you must be willing to use this in place of your current products for the full period).

1 x ~30min interview at the end of the month

  • Again on your business premises
  • £50 incentive (paid at the end of the overall research)

To apply:

If you fit the criteria above and are interested in taking part please CLICK HERE to email us – make sure you put reference 7300 in the subject line and include: your name, business name & type, a daytime telephone number and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.