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April Shek 20 November 2018

What is a Focus Group?

We always like to offer you as many different opportunities as we can and sometimes places in our Focus Groups become available that carry higher rewards.

Focus Groups are most often face to face informal group discussions with up to 6 people; sometimes you can take part from the comfort of your own home, online, with up to 10 other people.  Whether face to face or online, one of our friendly moderators will be there to guide you through the experience.

Why do we conduct Focus Groups?

Focus groups are a way for our clients to get in depth feedback on their research question.  Focus Groups differ from one to one interviews in one very important way – they offer us an opportunity to hear your debating views as a small representative sample of the wider population.

For example, we may ask you  – What do you think when you see this message on the bottle? Do you all agree / disagree, tell me why?

As with all research, the purpose of a Focus Group is to ensure that organisations take your points of view into consideration when making those important business decisions, creating products and services that are right for shoppers.

What might I be asked to do?

There’s no limit to what you may asked during a Focus Group and it depends entirely on the research objectives.  However, we always try and make sure that you are pre-informed if we’re likely to touch on any sensitive topics to make sure that you’re not caught unawares / made uncomfortable on the day.

You may also be asked to complete a task before the session to be brought along  / shared on the day.  This could take the form of writing a letter, creating a collage, creating a short video.

Focus Groups always start as informal discussions (often with a tea / coffee and biscuits!) but you may also be asked to take part in activities like word associations, card sorting, ranking etc. during the session.  In face to face Focus Groups you may also be asked to touch and feel the products in question so that we can listen to your feedback.

We try our best to make every Focus Group as interesting as possible for our you, and our friendly moderators are there to guide you through the topics we’d like to discuss and facilitate the session.

Why should I take part in a Focus Group?  

Your feedback directly influences the decisions that these organisations make.  It’s a great opportunity for us as shoppers that brig brands / retailers value our opinions and try to ensure that they’re taken into account.  By taking part in a Focus Group, we make sure our voices are heard.

As an added bonus, we also reward you when you fully complete our Focus Groups.  Each face to face Focus Group typically comes with a cash reward – from (approximately £30 – £60 per hour dependent on the profiles we’re looking for and location). Online Focus Groups typically pay less, between £10 – £30 per hour, dependent on profiles, you will be informed up front whether this will be in the form of gift vouchers or bank transfer.

How can I take part in Focus Groups?  

Our opportunities are always made available to our LaunchPanellists first.  Our Panellists receive an email invitation to take part and, if we’re finding it particularly tricky to find the right people, we may also post on our website Opportunities page or on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Please Note, these opportunities are not posted to OpinionApp as you will not be rewarded through your account.


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The Application Process

Step 1: Receive an email invitation / access via Opportunities

  • When a new opportunity comes up we email our Panellists to let them know it’s available and detail the reward that’s up for grabs

TOP TIP: We always recommend you apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as we may reach our quotas quickly

Step 2: Check your eligibility

  • The Opportunity may contain a link to an eligibility questionnaire (no reward) OR a phone number to call to check your eligibility with one of our researchers
  • If you’re eligible we’ll be in touch shortly (normally via phone / email) to let you know whether you’ve been selected to take part

Step 3: Earn gift vouchers / cash for full completion

  • If you have fully completed the research, you’ll receive the reward as communicated to you when the opportunity was posted..

TOP TIP: If you have any problems please contact us at with the project reference code (4 digits)


Your Questions

Got any more questions about Focus Groups? Catch up with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email and ask away!

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