Password Reset

Method 1: Reset when unable to login

Step 1 Checklist:
  1. Please remember that password recognition is case sensitive.
  2. If you have more than one email address use the correct address (i.e. the one you used when you registered)

If you’re still having trouble logging in please use the ‘Forgot your password?’ function on the login page to reset your password detailed below and in our help video above

Reset your password:
  1. Access the LaunchPanel Members Area here
  2. Under the login button please click “Forgot your password?”
  3. In the reset form enter the email address you used to join LaunchPanel and click “Send email”. IMPORTANT- minimise this window but DO NOT CLOSE
  4. Check your email for an message with the subject header “LaunchPanel – Reset password”.  This may appear in your spam / junk mail folders
  5. Copy the numerical code in your reset email
  6. The  window that you minimised will have reloaded with a new form “Reset password”.  Paste the numerical code into the “Code” box and click “Submit code”
  7. A form will now load to allow you to reset your password, enter and confirm this before clicking “Reset password”
  8. Login to check your password has successfully changed

Method 2: Reset when logged in

  1. Login as usual from the Members Area here
  2. Under the right hand “Settings” column scroll down until you see the “Change password” button and click the corresponding blue arrow
  3. The change password form will not load – please note, changing your password will log you out of all devices
  4. in the form first enter your current password followed by your new password and confirm before clicking “Update”
  5. You will now be logged out and a green notification bar should inform you that your password has been successfully changed.
  6. Login with your new details to check


Has this solved your problem?

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