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LaunchPanel 25 October 2018

 “How do I get involved in Product Testing?”

We hear this question all the time and thought it was past due we wrote a post to answer all of your burning Product Testing questions.  Here we’ll tell you how we advertise our posts, what you might be testing and what you might be asked to do – everything you need to get started.

How do we advertise our Product Testing Opportunities?

We advertise our opportunities in a number of different ways but it’s important to note that we always give our LaunchPanellists advance notice via email before posting on our open Opportunities page or on Social Media.

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What could I be testing?

We work with a whole host of different brands and retailers – primarily household products e.g. laundry, health and beauty, food, electrical, pet. We often test products before launch so you’ll see items in plain packaging more often than not – you’ll be one of the first to trial and feedback to major retailers and manufacturers.

How Product Testing works

Step 1: Check your eligibility 

  • When a new opportunity comes up we email an eligibility questionnaire to our Panellists – this will screen for allergies, shopping / usage behaviour etc.
  • (If we have any Tester spaces remaining we may then post this on our open Opportunities page and on social media)

TOP TIP: We always recommend you complete the eligibility questionnaire as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Step 2: We choose our lucky participants

  • We’ll pick our lucky participants and get in touch via email to confirm the details of the Product Test and what we need you to do.
  • You’ll be asked to complete a few different questionnaires during the testing period giving your feedback on the product.  We also often hold prize draws for video reviews or more in depth feedback.

Step 3: Your Product Tester package wings its way to you

  • We carefully package up your top secret parcel along with any instructions you need to complete the test.

BE AWARE: If you’re not in, you may need to pick this up from your local depot

Step 4: The Testing period – tell us what you think

  • During the testing period we’ll email you each task you need to complete, before any completion deadlines to give you as much time as possible.

TOP TIP: Always take note of any timings that you need to stick to – participants failing to meet the research deadlines / failing to complete the test fully will be unlikely to be chosen to take part in future Product Testing studies

Your Questions

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