Food, Glorious (Festive) Food

April Shek 13 December 2018

Christmas; our annual excuse to overindulge, bring on the pigs in blankets and mulled wine – “I promise I’ll diet in the New Year…!” Ahem.

Christmas is anything but a minimalist holiday, if there’s not enough food the next day (or for later on on Christmas Day) to feed an army, we’ve made a serious error whilst turkey shopping.  As a nation, we make our way through 10 million turkeys during Christmas time. We’re not shy with our greens either, we fill our baskets with up 140 million brussel sprouts, the veg we love to hate.  This is a whopping 25% of our yearly sprout consumption, in just the 2-week run up to Christmas.

How many people will you be catering for on Christmas Day?

We polled 112 LaunchPanellists to find out, on average, how many guests you’ll be catering for this Christmas Day:

Do extravagant feasts require extravagant budgets?

“Not necessarily” is the answer.

Whilst a large proportion of our Christmas spending is food related and the average household of 4-6 people spend £174 on Christmas Day food and drink, it is possible to do Christmas on a budget. 

We researched Aldi (our discount supermarket example), Tesco (our mid range supermarket example) and Waitrose (our luxe supermarket example) to see how much Christmas Dinner could set you back this year.  We based our price hunting on the lowest price available at each retailer, for enough to feed 6 hungry dinner guests.

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