Black Friday

Emma Hogan 21 November 2018

The Black Friday shopping frenzy has landed!

Some of you may be thinking that we haven’t actually reached Black Friday yet, officially Friday 23rd November, but this year in particular you’d be sorely mistaken.

A quick glance at our email inboxes reveals telling subject headers – “Don’t wait for Black Friday“, “Early Black Friday Deals Inside“.

Black Friday is no longer a single day but a week-long extravaganza of tantalising offers and (some) rock bottom prices to tempt you in the run up to Christmas.

Why is Black Friday earlier and longer this year?

We have a few theories (and a few facts).

  • Black Friday is primarily an American phenomenon, traditionally held straight after Thanksgiving which this year is on the 22nd November.
    • For us in the UK this means that it falls a week earlier than usual and, more importantly, before payday (!).  
  • With potentially limited disposable income the week before payday, we suspect retailers are choosing to target us early rather than waiting specifically for Black Friday.
  • Spreading deals out over a week limits the impact of Black Friday hoards on instore and online stock and resources
  • A week-long event gives retailers more chances to pull us into the craze – Amazon’s daily deals is one of the prime (no pun intended!), examples.

As curious researchers and cynical but avid shoppers, we were curious about a couple of things:

  1.  Are Black Friday deals actually genuine – or can we find better deals throughout the year?
  2. Will the week-long approach win over the crowds and reflect in our spending?


Genuine offers or Black Friday hype?

How good are Black Friday deals?

Research into Black Friday 2017 suggests that 9/10 discounted products were actually sold at a cheaper price at another time of year, critics suggest this skepticism will impact on 2018 sales. 

But are we going to let this stop us? We did our own investigating with 107 of our panellists to see how you’ll be shopping this Black Friday:

Retailers have evidently won the crowds over for another year, especially with online sales. Many of us will browse and shop for online deals as well as shopping in – store. A small proportion of consumers don’t plan to purchase this Black Friday – maybe the skepticism is creeping in!

At LaunchPanel we’re curious to know your thoughts. Are you still planning to hunt out the best deals in store or will you be scrolling frantically for the best bargains?

We’d love to hear all about your bargain hunting this Black Friday – tell us all about it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Happy Shopping!