Are we still loyal to brands?

Emma Hogan 13 November 2018

Are we still loyal to our favourite household brands? Recent reports suggest that 90% of top household brands are losing market share, so what’s going on?

Own Label offers huge variety & choice

We’ve all done it, we’ve gone to buy a spray cleaner and noticed a fairly plain bottle sat next to it, half the price, sometimes a bigger bottle with just one thing missing, a recognisable brand name.

So which do we go for? With 82% of us believing that the quality of Own Label products has improved in recent years, we’re increasingly choosing to opt for the cheaper option with recognised brands reserved for special offer periods or those tricky cleaning jobs when nothing else will do. 

The big supermarkets are all for making this choice difficult for us – Tesco alone offers a spray for every eventuality:

Discount Stores & Discount Brands

Discount stores have flourished in the last 12 years.  Retailers like Home Bargains, B & M Bargains, Poundland, Poundworld all offer a mix of well-known brands at cheaper prices as well as little known bargain household brands like Stardrop and Astonish.  Savyy shoppers have come to know and love these bargain basement products and with 45% of us agreeing that cheaper products are just as effective, they’re not about to give them up for their more expensive cousins.

Supermarket Competition

The success of discount supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl has led to retailers thinking differently about how open we are to Own Label products.  

Performance and quality at a cheaper price is what these stores promote and we’re totally on board.

With these retailers stealing a significant market share from the big 4, supermarkets are constantly trying to find ways to win back their customers with aggressive offers on known household brands as well as expanding their ranges of Own Label products.

Big retailers like Tesco are even  branching out into the world of discount supermarkets with the creation of their new discount chain, Jack’s.  The competition is on!


What are you saying?

We polled 120 shoppers to understand the factors that influence your household cleaning purchases.  This is what you had to say:

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