All About Online Surveys

April Shek 6 November 2018

What is an Online Survey?

An Online Survey can be anything as simple as a few short questions completed online or a set of questions, all singing, all dancing, that include imagery, video or interactive media.

Online Surveys are a way for businesses, charities, any organisation to get (typically) large-scale feedback on your thoughts and opinions.

Either way, the purpose of an Online Survey is the same – we want your opinions on topics that may impact you!

Why should I complete Online Surveys?  

  • Your feedback directly influences the decisions that these organisations make.  It’s a huge benefit to us as consumers that they’re interested in public opinion and are willing to dedicate their time and money to make sure those thoughts are taken into account.  By completing Online Surveys, we make sure our voices are heard.
  • As an added bonus, we also reward you when you fully complete our surveys.  Each completed survey adds a cash reward to your account – generally the longer the survey, the higher the reward.

How can I take part in Online Surveys?  

Our opportunities are always made available to our LaunchPanellists first.  Our Panellists receive an email invitation to take part and, if we’re finding it particularly tricky to find the right people, we may also post on our website or on social media.

Our members can also find opportunities on OpinionApp, available to download for iOS here, or Android here.


  • Sign up to make sure you receive our Online Survey opportunity emails.
  • Already a member? Add “” to your safe senders to make sure our emails always land in your inbox

What might I be asked to do?

We work with a whole host of different organisations which means you could be asked questions on anything from household to travel.

There’s no limit to what you may asked during an Online Survey, from details on how you do your laundry to assessing packaging and providing feedback on products/services in development.

Our Online Surveys always tell you upfront what to expect and we’ll make it clear when the survey asks for sensitive information or your personal contact details

We try our best to make every survey as interesting as possible for our panellists, incorporating imagery and other media where we can. It’s important to us that you stay engaged so that you can give us the best insight!

How Online Surveys work

Step 1: Receive an email invitation / access via OpinionApp

  • When a new opportunity comes up we email our Panellists to let them know it’s available and detail the reward that’s up for grabs

TOP TIP: We always recommend you access Online Surveys as soon as possible as we may reach our quotas quickly

Step 2: Complete the survey

  • The first part of the survey will ask you specific ‘screening’ questions that may include age, gender, the products / services that you use.  This is to ensure that we ask you questions that are relevant to you and should last no longer than 3 minutes.
  • After that – it’s all about you and your thoughts & opinions

Step 3: Earn cash rewards for full completion

  • If you have fully completed the survey, you’ll reach a page thanking you for your participation – your reward will be added to your account shortly after.
  • Once you’ve collected a minimum of £4 you can redeem your rewards via PayPal.  For an Amazon voucher, keep collecting until you’ve earned £10.

TOP TIP: If you have any problems please contact us at

Your Questions

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