What is LaunchPanel? 

LaunchPanel is a market research panel built to capture the thoughts and opinions of everyday shoppers like you.

As part of Launchpad Research, a leading UK market research agency, we conduct research on behalf of well-known household brands and retailers. Your opinions genuinely shape the future of the products and services that you use (or may trial).

What kind of research do you do?

The majority of our research is conducted online (surveys, communities, focus groups), but we may also offer valued members the chance to take part in offline studies including face to face interviews, mystery shopping and product testing which carry higher rewards.

Can I join LaunchPanel?

We welcome any UK resident over the age of 16.

You can join by completing our registration form online via a PC, mobile, tablet or other internet connected device. You will need a valid UK postcode to register, please note that any attempts to create an account from outside the UK will not be accepted.

Launchpad Research

As a member of MRS, ESOMAR and AQRLaunchpad Research are committed to delivering consistently high quality research.